La Mar de Ruido 2020

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La Mar de Ruido 2020

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To the rhythm of pasodoble he came out yesterday on the stage of the La Expósito track Jaime Urrutia who, far from singing in the heat of love in a bar, as he once proclaimed, had to face the coldness of an audience somewhat unmotivated by the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. No emotion, no conversation, no drinks, but hieraticism, distances and masks. Only a few dared to applaud the guitar chords and move their feet in their chairs.

The former leader of Caligari Cabinet He, too, found himself with a largely empty stalls, with the paradox that several dozen people were moving to the rhythm of his music and chanting some of his choruses from the other side of the fence, when in the background there were dozens of completely empty chairs, a scene that has been repeated in almost all scheduled performances. Not even the nostalgia of the eighties could fill us.

They started playing 'Delusions of grandeur' and 'Where are you?' , although the most applauded were the classic Cabinet songs, which alternated with those from his solo career. 'Four roses' and 'In the heat of love in a bar' were not long in coming, but that heat is impossible in these circumstances. The audience enjoyed the songs and the sound of a well-adjusted band that more than delivered but without fanfare or surprises.

Jaime Urrutia respected the weather and did what was expected, with few words as always and with hardly any winks or concessions, he chained together his songs that left the public with a good taste in their mouths, who were able to say goodbye to this edition of La Mar de Ruido but that is left with a bad taste in your mouth for what could have been and was not.