20th anniversary: 2005-2024

La Mar de Ruido 2005-2024

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In 2024 we will have a very special edition of the festival…

La Mar de Ruido - Luz, Jackson Browne and Chris Barron
La Mar de Ruido - Background Image
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A little history

La Mar de Ruido - Background Image

Next August 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the LA MAR DE RUIDO Festival, one of the longest-running musical events on the Asturian scene, and without a doubt one of the most unique due to the place that hosts it. More than 160 bands or soloists have passed through the old circular stage of the Parque del Muelle in Avilés, from legendary international rock glories such as The Godfathers, Sunshiners, Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding, The Christians, Marky Ramone, Elliott Murphy, The Blow Monkeys , Willie Nile, Super Ratones, Armandhino Macedo, Ricardito Ortiz “Vieja Trova Santiaguera”, Paul Di´Anno “Ex iron Maiden”, Dr. Feelgood, Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters, David Elliott Jhonson, Buddy Whittington “ex Bluesbraker”, The Blow Monkeys, Jóvenes Clásicos del Son, John Coghlan's “ex-Status Quo”, Slow Burnin', Jenny and The Mexicats, Immaculate Fools, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams, Carlos Varela, …….with special mention to the unrepeatable performance from 2006 with Luz Casal, Jackson Browne and Chris Barron “Spin Doctors”.

But also big names of Spanish rock have stepped foot in the Parque del Muelle, Barón Rojo, Obús, Ramoncin, Burning, Los Salvajes, Santabárbara, Micky, Sherpa, Danza Invisible, German Coppini, The Killer Barbies, Josele Santiago, La Frontera, Vargas Blues Band, Mikel Erentxun, Manel Fuentes, Jorge Salan, Siniestro Total, Los Rebeldes, Jaime Urrutia, Nacha Pop, Ariel Rot, Tino Di Geraldo, Asfalto, Arizona baby, Seguridad Social, Santi Campillo, Leo Jiménez, Alejo Stivel, Riff Raff, Ñu, Red House, Gastelo, Tahures Zurdos, Ana Curra, or Los Deltonos……..

There was also no shortage of Asturian artists such as Nuberu, Alquimia, Igor Paskual, Stukas, Javi y Los Parametricos, Pablo Moro, Los Ministerios, Pablo Valdés, Maurizios, Vaudí, Avalanch, Rafa Kas, Los Juniors, Koniec, Mala Reputación. 40 Barrotes, Sartenazo Cerebral, Avalanch, Alto Volto, Mokomitas, Los Ruidos, Muñeco Voodoo, Maraya Zideco, Otus Scops, Real Straits, The Punishers, The Fever, and a long etc.

Avilesian bands and musicians have always had a place at the Festival. More than 40 local artists have shared the stage with great musicians during these 14 editions. This is how Alexandra In Grey, Los Linces, Squizo, Nacho García, Tejedor, Ban Jalen, Lecter Bukosky, Crudo, Distortion Pro, Kwen, Bisonte, Captain Cavernícola, Dixebra, The Forrest Band, Xulio Antidio, Semilla have passed through the circular stage black, Dark Zone, Broken Roads, Moonshine XXX, Lateralus, Whestia, Morrigans, Bloody Mary, Nexxo, Anywhere, Posession, AC Soul, Space Cakes, Manitou, Jacky Trap, Lycosa Tarantula, Winchester, Faith of Rats, Manifesto, The Goddess Fortuna, Leather Boys, Madera Rock, Juaco Vil y los Percances, Wolffather, and many more……

That first edition of 2005 with Kie 13, Los Redentores, Babylon Chat, Ermitaños del rio, Omenomejodas, Taxi 666, Groovie Doobie Groove, Bad to worse, Redemptor or Stone Atmosphere is far away.

The 20th edition is approaching and the Festival will continue to support local and Asturian bands, historic Spanish rock groups, and of course artists of international significance.

The spirit of La Mar de Ruido remains intact, unaltered, in the same way as the centenary kiosk in Parque del Muelle, our great stage.

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Revolver - La Mar de Ruido

20 years of La Mar de Ruido

That 20 years is nothing, it is more than likely, said Gardel. Well, in August 2024, the La Mar de Ruido Festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary. A festival that was born very slowly, under the protection and shelter of the celebrations department of the Avilés City Council back in 2005, being

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La Mar de Ruido - Background Image
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