La Mar de Ruido 2013

La Mar de Ruido - Poster 2013

La Mar de Ruido 2013

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The 9th edition of the La Mar de Ruido Festival. It was held on August 23 and 24, on the circular stage of the Parque del Muelle. Throughout these 8 previous editions, our old stage of the Parque del Muelle has seen great international artists and legendary groups of the Spanish scene pass by; the best of the Asturian musical scene and of course the most interesting rock from Aviles.

The Festival was linked from its beginning to the August festivities of San Agustín in Avilés, with the first edition being held in 2005, in a privileged place in Avilés, the Parque del Muelle. In a circular setting – one of those from before – with more than 100 years of history, and where the Avilés festivals were held in the 60s and 70s.

La Mar de Ruido has resisted these years, the hard beginnings in its first editions, the current crisis, and what is to come; but the Festival has already resonated among the citizens of Avilés and the rest of Asturias, among Asturian musicians and also among the country's music critics. There is always expectation to see the poster each year.

With that spirit we have worked on this new edition, the ninth. They say that he who resists triumphs. We only intend for La Mar de Ruido and the Parque del Muelle to become our little Asturian Woodstock. We want Parque del Muelle to be a place with a great festival that focuses on international music and Asturian and Spanish musicians.

For this reason, this year we have undertaken a new adventure within the Festival, we have created the group FRIENDS OF THE SEA OF NOISE, focused for the moment on attracting sponsors and commercial firms, with a view to 10th Anniversary of the Festival which will be held next year. We need the support of all the people and companies that love live music, rock and its aspects. But this support group will also be focused on all fans of the Festival, who will have, upon becoming members, a good number of incentives in the form of free tickets and discounts for concerts, merchandising, exclusive showcases, etc...

Our goal is for the Festival's 10th Anniversary in 2014 to be a great national event.


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