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La Mar de Ruido 2011

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The 2011 edition of La Mar de Ruido will undoubtedly be the most exciting of the last editions.
Faced with a brutal cut in all cultural and musical activities in the Region, La Mar de Ruido was not going to be left out.

The Festival was left with one day less in August, but we were able to make up for it and how with a presentation day in the month of July.

It was on July 22 at the Niemeyer Auditorium, where La Mar de Ruido gave all Asturians one of the concerts of the year in the Province. Jackson Browne, Jonathan Wilson and Dawes (pronounced Dows).

Jackson Browne, the Californian legend, stopped in Avilés of his own free will, and included us in a transoceanic mini-tour that included concerts as diverse as Los Angeles (The Troubadour), London (The Bordeline), San Sebastián (Jazz Festival) and Barcelona (Luz de Gas), along with the exceptional Dawes and Jonathan Wilson, a real discovery for Asturian fans.

And that was how La Mar de Ruido 2011 began its journey, with a memorable concert by Jackson Browne and his friends. A concert to remember for a long time.

And the month of August arrived, the usual date of the Festival, with enormous expectation, thanks to the headliners: Marky Ramone and The Christians.

On Friday, the New York musician arrived directly from Central Europe to offer us a set with all the hits of The Ramones, with a band featuring Marky himself, and the singer Michale Graves (ex-Misfits). The audience chanted each and every one of the Queens band's legendary songs. There have never been so many Ramones t-shirts seen in Avilés!
That same night, 3 top Asturian groups shared the stage with Marky: the Salinas band, Lateralus, making a superb tribute to the North American band Tool, the Oviedo-based The Punishers, veterans of Asturian rock, and the surprising, irreverent and exceptional Mokomitas. Without a doubt one of the best bands on the Asturian scene right now.

On Saturday, the old and renovated stage of the Parque del Muelle took a musical 180 degree turn.
It was a quintessential eighties night.
We were visited by a band with stripes, with tons of records sold throughout Europe, and natives of Liverpool: The Christians. The group he has led since its creation, Gary Christian, gave us 90' of the best soul and pop music of the last 25 years. The Christians concert has been one of the best shows we have experienced on the Parque del Muelle stage in these 7 editions.

They completed the Saturday night line-up, Xulio Antidio, presenting the songs from their first album, Dormido en las Estrellas, with a marvelous live show full of nods to their favorite groups, and to close the night, Real Straits, without a doubt a of the surprises of the Festival for many people who had never had the opportunity to see them.
Real Straits are currently one of the best Dire Straits tribute bands in Europe, with Angel Miguel, playing Mark Knofpler, literally embroidering all the hits of the English band and a band of exceptional musicians around him.

La Mar de Ruido 2011 came to an end, with a larger audience than ever and a smaller budget than previous years. The next 2012 edition is already underway, and as always, it will also be a great challenge.


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