La Mar de Ruido 2010

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La Mar de Ruido 2010

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Rogues at full speed.

 The old stage of the Muelle is becoming the Hall of Fame of Asturian rock. To the stars of past editions coming from different parts of the world, we must add legends such as Los Salvajes, The Godfathers, Willie Nile, Micky or Danza Invisible, who have come to this edition 2010 La Mar de Ruido, to expand its line-up of great artists. It has not been easy. At first glance everything seems so simple, that every edition I wonder what elf this Festival and this stage has that enchants and captivates all the artists.

The people who work within it do everything possible to make the musicians feel at home, with all kinds of entertainment, accessing all their requirements without delay. But that shouldn't be enough for everyone to be so comfortable. There is something else. There is something magical in the surroundings of the pier park that every third weekend in August awaits us to flood the treetops with noise, lots of it and good noise. In different musical forums I have had to see during the last few months, how there was some joke with part of this year's lineup. I just had to sit and wait to see that I was on the right track. I have to say to these uneducated and zarambainas that many current groups would like to have the impetus and feeling on stage like the one demonstrated by Los Salvajes and Micky y sus Colosos del Ritmo at the Festival. Authentic, credible, they invented it in Spain 40 years ago! And they continue to prove it night after night.

On Saturday night the power of American rock was claimed with an extraordinary, plethoric Willie Nile. Willie is already one of us. His arrival in Aviles was that of a guy in love with our city; -I want to go to the Don Floro, the Tataguyo, walk through the Ferreria,….. The Godfathers are rock professionals and journeymen. Landing from London, they arrived in Aviles to do their only show in Spain; They checked the sound in 20'. A nap and enjoy the city like real tourists. Marveled by our streets and its people, they got on stage claiming to feel like they were in a dream place and played one by one all the songs that made them number 1 on the British charts at the end of the 80s.

On Sunday they arrived at Aviles Danza Invisible. I don't know why, so hated by most of the musicians I know. I have one thing clear. After seeing the whirlwind of their Aviles concert, I will have to give a copy of the concert to each of these “daring ignorant people.” Regarding the local and Asturian bands I can only tell you that La Mar de Ruido cannot do more for them. I only hope that in the future they will be the ones who can one day do “something more” for us, for the Festival. My thanks to the people who worked at the Festival for 3 days, the Production people, the sound people and the video people.

They have made the stage each edition more spectacular in every way. And my desire, even above recovering budgets from previous editions, is only to ask, even implore, that the person(s) responsible for the maintenance of the city's historic buildings in the City Council, allocate an emergency allocation to give it a layer of sheet metal and paint to our stage. At this rate it's going to fall apart and it won't be because we haven't been warning for years. If the municipal coffers are too tight for this ridiculous outlay, I swear I will do a benefit concert to pay for the repair. Aviles is changing, positivism reigns more than ever and La Mar de Ruido wants to get on that train of the future and make this summer event a musical benchmark in Asturias.


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