La Mar de Ruido 2009

La Mar de Ruido - Poster 2009

La Mar de Ruido 2009

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La Mar de Ruido reaches its 5th edition. The Avilesino Festival has become the musical benchmark for Asturian August, and as it could not be less, in this edition it is presented with illustrious names of international stature such as Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding, watchword of the best rockabilly in the world; Paul Di'anno, former singer of the legendary Iron Maiden, a true legend in Avilés; Ricardito Ortiz, the solo voice of those unforgettable Vieja Trova Santiaguera, along with El Monarca del Son, or Armandinho Macedo, the best guitarist in Brazil, and for many critics, in the world. Characters with contrasting styles, but with enormous musical experiences.

These international stars are joined by national groups, from Asturias and from our town, Avilés.
Four local, emerging bands highlight the level of rock from Aviles, placing it at the forefront of the music made in Asturias. La Diosa Fortuna, Anywhere, Hunger and Nexxo will pass through the circular stage of the Parque del Muelle.

The Aviles Festival will also have space for the best groups of the moment on the Asturian circuit, which is why Javi and Los Parametricos from Gijón are part of the lineup, a solvent band, with authority on stage, and charisma in abundance.

La Frontera is one of the best groups that national pop/rock has produced in the 80s and 90s. They have sold close to a million copies of their 15 official albums, and although it is now very far away, that year 1984 when they won the Villa de Madrid Festival, are still a reference for state rock.

La Mar de Ruido continues like this, with the addition and continuation of artists of national and international renown….Some of the names that have passed through the stage of the Parque del Muelle in its first editions were: Dr. Feelgood, Chris Barron (Spin Doctors), Burning , Josele Santiago, Jackson Browne, Luz Casal, German Coppini, Elliott Murphy & The Normandy All Star, Sunshiners, Nuberu, Avalanch, Los Deltonos, Graham Foster, Pablo Moro, Gastelo, Koniec...


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  • nexxo
  • Hunger
  • Anywhere
  • Paul Di'Anno (former Iron Maiden)
  • Javi and the Parametrics
  • Border
  • Robert Gordon with Chris Spedding and American Band
  • The Goddess Fortune
  • Ricardito (Vieja Trova Santiaguera) and The Monarch of the Sun
  • Armandinho Macedo & Trio Swing Brazil