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La Mar de Ruido 2007

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We have done something wrong, when we have only been able to bring together 2,000 people, - at the highest moment of the festival, that I remember, was Saturday at midnight with Dr. Feelgood, and I say this, because one always expects more, and more and more…. The easy thing here would be to let go of how good we are, and how well we do it. But not. We have to be more ambitious and look to the future with canine hunger, in search of international and national figures but without forgetting the beginnings, that Avilés and Asturias exist.

Last year, the image of that unrepeatable trio with Luz-Barron-Browne on the old stage of our successes remained in our pupil, as a great friend says, every time we passed in front of the Parque del Muelle Kiosk; And it will be difficult to forget and ignore that session, no matter how many editions are held in the future. If time allows, and circumstances too, I hope it happens again not too long from now.

But this 2007 edition also had unforgettable moments. And those, for the vast majority that I had the opportunity to talk to, were the ones starring Dr. Feelgood and Burning. Two legendary aúpa bands, who managed to create that climax desired by any music programmer. But it would be unfair on my part not to admit that I, specifically, liked all the groups. Yes, it is true, some more than others, but in general I was very satisfied, because everyone, and I mean everyone, met the expectations that their professional careers reflect. From those who came from distant countries like Sunshiners, to the locals, En-Hendrox and Fe de Ratas.

On the first day, the bet was clear, we wanted to combine different styles but converge into something as substantial as miscegenation. And so, Vaudi, a Brazilian who “has stayed with us forever,” and who, surrounded by Asturian musicians, has infected us with his music and his creative and personal spirit, took to our emblematic stage. Delagua followed him. A group that should serve as an example for many of the new formations that are starting. Tenderness and creativity. They visit every corner of Asturias, and any venue, no matter how small or remote it may seem, is a good place to perform. That same day, we turned the “musical” tables, with a traditional group if there ever was one, La Pena Negra. Some rumba boys who are touring Spain with the famous Tre-le-re-le that they premiered with Buenafuente. And finally, the most difficult yet. They are called Sunshiners, they come from the Vanuatu Islands and in their suitcase a lot of reage, covering old British pop hits from the 80s. This is what Supertramp, Rod Stewar, The Cure, Depeche Mode, David Bowie sounded like…

The second day had very varied dishes in store for us and, I think, exceptional. Lúa Rios introduced us to her band, We Are Balboa, with which she is trying to make her way, in a very professional way, moving away from the supposed favors that could be given her, for being the daughter of who she is. The Avilesinos Fe de Ratas were playing at home and their fans were there. Magnificent concert, and resounding sound. This is what some of his followers told me days later - the best concert they remembered from Maxi and company. The night warmed up with a classic if ever there was one. Germán Coppini came to Avilés, for the first time in 25 years. One of the most distinguished creators of Spanish pop rock was finally in our Villa, well escorted by a Sevillian trio called Maga, who gave free rein to the best repertoire of the Vigo singer. The successes of Low Shots and some of his time in Siniestro Total sounded two decades late in Avilés. Coppini was affable, grateful and dedicated. The night was rounded off by a legendary group, who had never been to our city. Dr. Feelgood left the best taste of the festival in the mouths of almost the entire audience. With a repertoire that takes the hiccups, Kevin quickly put the audience in his pocket, based on old-fashioned rock n roll, and sweat, a lot of sweat, they skinned the great classics of this British band. We had the opportunity to have them on our stage, and that will once again be an unforgettable sight.

The last day of the festival threatened serious rain, but fate wanted to ally itself with La Mar de Ruido once again. Some Vietnam veterans, in this case from Avilés, opened fire. Hardened in a thousand battles, En-hendrox enjoyed themselves on stage, you could see them. And based on standards, from Hendrix, Zeppelin or Purple, they created the favorable atmosphere that a rock n roll night needs. Josele Santiago, ex_Enemigos, and with a new solo album, came out on stage. A lot of Asturian fans were waiting for him, and they applauded him song after song. For some, Josele was not convincing, given his extreme penchant for escaping from the show at times...; but Josele demonstrated his solvency with his baritone voice, faithfully covered by a sober band.

The end of the party could not be in any other hands than in one of the most legendary bands of Spanish rock, Burning. The eternal Burning returned to Avilés, many years later. Jhonny Cifuentes performed an hour and a half repertoire, with numerous hits from the group, to the delight of those gathered there. That will be another of the images of the festival: Jhonny shaking the winner's cava.

During the days before the festival, many people asked me if this year there would be a surprise... like last year. I told them that the good news and the important thing is that groups that came to the festival arrived safely, were happy and enjoyed our beloved stage. So it was.

If it is true that rumors were heard, and not from me, that Loquillo would appear on the scene alongside Burning, at the last minute. I can only say that since that did not happen, the rumor remained just that, rumor.

From here, I thank the current celebrations councilor for the support received and the previous celebrations councilor Rosa Serrano for giving me the opportunity to begin this exciting adventure, called La Mar de Ruido and which I hope will continue for the greater musical glory of Avilés and Asturias.

And the rock health of this city had been suffering from chronic flu for some time, and if last year the voice of Spin Doctors, Chris Barron, gave us a thorough medical check-up, Dr. Feelgood had to come to give us the great joy, and extend our final discharge.



  • The Black Penalty
  • Sunshiners
  • Vaudi
  • Of the water
  • Dr. Feelgood
  • Coppini with Maga
  • We are Balboa
  • Rat Faith
  • burning
  • Josele Santiago
  • En-Hendrox