La Mar de Ruido 2006

La Mar de Ruido - Poster 2006

La Mar de Ruido 2006

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The qualifiers “Three geniuses of world pop rock in Avilés” (LNE), “Stellar rock among friends”, (LNE), “Trio of stars to close the rock in the Muelle” (LVA), “Asturias sounds like California” ( LNE), are just some of the epithets that were written in the regional press that month of August 2006. Indeed, I think it will take a long time, deep down I wish that it were not like that, to see again in the same stage, in Avilés, three greats of world pop rock, Luz Casal, Chris Barron and Jackson Browne.

These things can not only happen by fate, because magic and friendship sometimes merge at a point and often that we don't know about, and suddenly, the spark flies, and things incredibly happen.

That August night, we were enjoying the last day of the young La Mar de Ruido Festival. On the old stage of the pier, Avalanch, the Argentinian Superratones, the Asturian Koniec, and the Avilesians, Space Cakes, Jacky Trap, Threeworname, The Cruisers and Sr. Lobo had left their mark. Only the last day remained, and the lineup was formed by ACSoul, who were saying goodbye to the stages, and Chris Barron and Friends.

People stopped me on the street, – hey, that thing about Chris Barron and Friends? Chris without the Spin Doctors, and with another band? But what band?

I never gave clues to anyone, because I didn't have them myself. I left everything in the hands of Paco Pérez Bryan, head of music radio broadcasting in Spain for 25 years, and ultimately a “friend” of the stars who ended up on the Aviles stage.

I can tell you that much, you all already know the rest. Those of you who enjoyed the sound check, in front of friends and strangers...Jackson, Luz, Chris, performing the most important Take It Easy of our lives. Anyway.
The privileged people who lived through that will be able to tell it, while, I repeat, I harbor the hope, the desire that sometime again, it can happen again.


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  • Chris Barron & Friends
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  • Avalanche
  • Super Mice
  • Koniec
  • AC Soul
  • Space Cakes
  • The Cruisers
  • Vacky Trap
  • Three Word Name
  • Mr. Wolf