La Mar de Ruido 2005

La Mar de Ruido - Poster 2005

La Mar de Ruido 2005

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I write the text 12 years later. I'm not at all clear about what that edition was like. It was the first of an idea, of a festival, which I didn't even call a Festival. The bands that participated were all from Avilés and the rest from Asturias. The truth is that the production was quite anecdotal. We used the lower part of the stage as dressing rooms - for those who don't know, our Festival takes place in an old circular bandstand - and there the musicians changed shirts between scythes, rakes, brooms, water hoses, and lawnmower….. That did have merit.

The bar we set up was a beach gazebo. There was nothing for more, neither for carp, nor milk. And on top of that it rained a little. Of course, the people who came had a great time. It was a new event in the city and those closest to this are always the musicians' friends, not the musicians, especially if they don't play...

The fact is that it was a baptism that the press deigned to comment on, briefly, as if tiptoeing around. For me, it was a tremendously humbling experience.


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